EME520V wind-driven </br>rain-resistant stationary louver 
EME520V wind-driven rain-resistant
stationary louver

The EME520V wind-driven rain-resistant stationary louver is the newest louver offering from Ruskin®.

This five-inch vertically-oriented louver has best-in-class wind-driven rain performance (Class A at 29 and 50 mph), along with good pressure drop. The EME520V is constructed of extruded aluminum for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion, and is AMCA certified for both wind-driven rain protection and air performance.

“The wind-driven rain performance is exceptional and this louver will surely set the standard for projects that require a performance louver,” said Peter Blaha, product marketing manager at Ruskin. “The development of the EME520V was fast tracked and is a good example of Ruskin’s ability to develop products that surpass the expectations of our customers.”

The EME520V’s closely-spaced vertical blades prevent penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing damage and additional operating expenses. The louver features 43 percent free area, mechanically fastened construction and visible mullion construction.

Published performance ratings for the EME520V, including outstanding wind-driven rain performance and great pressure-drop performance, are based on testing in accordance with AMCA Publication 500L. As part of its commitment to quality, Ruskin covers all its products, including the new EME520V, with a limited five-year warranty from the date of delivery.

To learn more about the EME520V, visit http://www.ruskin.com/catalog/model/EME520V.