Ruskin's IAQ50 Solves Vegas Air Curtain Challenge

...Ruskin always pays off.
Built using Ruskin's [model:iaq50]IAQ50[/model] air flow measuring and control dampers, the new air curtain successfully provides consistent airflow. The system includes two 65,000 cfm centrifugal fans installed in the space below the return air walkway grate. The air returns through the grate into the basement plenum and passes through two 144 square foot filter and coil banks. It is then ducted up from the fans into the plenum space above the air curtain supply opening. The air then passes through the IAQ50 air flow measuring/control dampers and is direct-ed through an adjustable deflection type grille. The individual IAQ50 dampers measure and control the airflow between the existing structural supports. This helps guarantee the air curtain maintains the required velocity and prevents conditioned air from escaping through the opening. "Opening up the Four Queens to the Fremont Street Experience has been a tremendous success" says Max Proctor, Four Queens Building manager. "We are exceeding our revenue projections with this improved access to our casino." "Ruskin's IAQ50 air flow measuring and control dampers are the key to the design of this custom air curtain," says Floyd Harris, principal of Harris Consulting Engineers. "Without the precision control of the air velocity around the structural obstructions, it would result in uneven flow through the supply grille and loss of the air barrier. That means conditioned air would have escaped into Fremont Street. The support given by Ruskin and Long & Associates throughout the design, installation and commissioning of this system was outstanding." The IAQ50 air flow measuring control damper is designed to fit the needs of a variety of applications. It is this type of versatility that helped the project succeed. Harris Consulting Engineers once again demonstrated their commitment to providing engineered solutions for their customers by incorporating this unique product into their custom air curtain design. The Ruskin IAQ50 air flow measuring and control damper is one of many products avail-able through Ruskin's network of representatives. To learn more about Ruskin's complete line of dampers and louvers, contact your local [link:http://]Ruskin representative[/link] nearest you or [link:]contact Ruskin[/link] directly at (816) 761-7476.