Swartwout fiberglass and stainless steel dampers in Taiwan

The Chi-Mei Optoelectronics facility in Tainan City, Taiwan has become a focal point for Swartwout products in the Far East.  Producing computerized optical equipment for sophisticated robotics assembly systems, specialized dampers are a must.  Manufacturing processes in this industry are nearly as complex and toxic as semi-conductor plants, with many volatile substances used to construct and clean the product components.

Using a combination of 902, 912 and 426AF fiberglass control dampers, powered by industrial pneumatic actuators, the dampers must withstand both acid and alkali environments in addition to high temperatures in the range of 200 deg. F.

In addition to fiberglass, heavy duty 822A3 and 822A4 control dampers and 710 backdraft dampers in both 304 and 316 stainless steel, are used for this project application.  Once again, the requirements for materials that are resistant to airstream contaminants is of the utmost importance and Swartwout is there to meet the challenge.  Additionally, operating temperatures up to 400 deg. F must be endured, calling for special seals and construction to meet the high-temp requirements.

With the help of Swartwout’s Taiwan representative, Hwa-Yi Ventilation Co. Ltd. in Taipei, the Chi-Mei  project has been up and running on time and on schedule.