Ruskin Economizer

Ruskin is now in the Economizer business!  Introducing Ruskin’s complete line of automated Economizer dampers for rooftop air handlers ranging from 3-25 tons for both horizontal and vertical applications.  “RUSK-A-FLOW” Economizers feature Ruskin’s exclusive one-piece galvanized airfoil blade and stainless-steel jamb for low-leakage performance as described in ASHRAE Standard 90.1.  Each unit also features Ruskin’s RUSK-A-FLOW sensing tubes and blade position indicator to assist in mixed-air temperature verses blade-position field adjustments. Example:

Using your current percent of required make-up air and fan system CFM take note of the blade position from the indicator and chart.  Take a pressure drop reading from the “RUSK-A-FLOW” supplied sensing tubes. Next, use these readings to instantly acquire your actual CFM from the chart located on the side of the “RUSK-A-FLOW” economizer panel. For other field adjustments simply adjust the blade opening up or down until the pressure drop and CFM are in line with the chart.  It’s simple, it’s accurate and you actually know what minimum air flow you are providing.

Once again, Ruskin leads the way by providing products that save time and money plus delivering accuracy and dependability in one package.