Ruskin’s New EME745 Wind Driven Rain Louver: Flexibility That Makes Sense!

Ruskin has recently introduced the new model EME745; a 7” deep, wind-driven rain resistant louver.  It is the first model offered by Ruskin specifically designed to adapt to both active and inactive conditions in the same opening.  This horizontal blade model can be supplied in the full 7” depth for active areas and an economical 4” depth for areas where no airflow is desired.  The continuous blade exterior provides the same appearance in either case.

The EME745 is a horizontal blade wind-driven rain resistant louver with a continuous-blade architectural appearance.  For active areas, the full 7” deep louver provides 98% rain resistance and 0.11” w.g. pressure drop at 693 fpm free area velocity.  At inactive areas, the 4” deep continuous exterior louver may be provided with either uninsulated or insulated blank-off panels.  Supplying the 4” louver at these locations provides a substantial cost savings versus the 7” deep product.

Large architectural louvers are often designed for both active and inactive areas in the same openings.  Traditionally, standard horizontal blade louvers have been provided with blank-offs installed at the inactive areas.  Wind driven rain resistant louvers are far more effective at preventing rain penetration and are now widely listed in architectural louver specifications.  However, these louvers are generally more expensive than traditional louvers.  While the added cost is well justified for intake openings, it is not practical for inactive locations.  

The EME745 has been supplied on numerous projects over the last few months; including the Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Texas.  Steve Bryan of ADW Corporation, Ruskin’s representative in Dallas, Texas, provided the louvers on the project to Win-Con Enterprises.  Steve noted “The EME745 was utilized because of its functionality and flexibility.  Its ability to provide wind driven rain resistance with the appearance of a standard louver was the determining factor.  This was very important because there are other standard louvers, including louvered doors, on the project.” The project also utilized Ruskin ELF837 and ELF15J models at various locations on the structure.