Ruskin TFD80's For Fire/Smoke Tunnel Ventilation

NSBT Selects TFD80

Ruskin is supplying the TFD80 Heavy Duty Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers for Tunnel Ventilation.  There are 400 assemblies in the project, 359 of which are 3m x 2m and mounted in the tunnel ceiling for emergency smoke ventilation.  The dampers are built in G165 galvanized coating steel with special epoxy coating in matt-black finish, per the requirements of the specification.

Together with Ruskin’s customer, United Group Infrastructure, and Ruskin’s representative to Australia, Applied Technology Integration, Ltd. of Hong Kong, a new thermal enclosure for the Valvcon electric damper actuators has been developed, to provide continued operation at 300 deg. C for 2 hours.  This enclosure will become Ruskin’s standard for tunnel projects throughout the world when electric actuators are required.

Ruskin is proud to be associated with such a prestigious and important project on the Australian Continent.