Knowledge is Power. Power comes through Training!

A key cornerstone of Ruskin's success is "TRAINING"...

All of these are examples of why Ruskin focuses on training.

Now, more than ever we are emphasizing more creative ways in which we can achieve and foster effective training. Ruskin has a slew of products that increases our offering beyond traditional dampers, louvers and silencers. Wind-driven rain louvers, air measuring stations, thermally isolated dampers, factory mounted actuators, brand new labor saving add-ons, control offerings, concentric diffusers, energy recovery, and new specialized industrial dampers are specific products that expand our line of products to new markets that did not exist just a short time ago.

Ruskin’s factory representatives continue to commit time and effort in training customers on Ruskin's benefits. Ruskin has many talented people that know how to effectively teach any audience about Ruskin's differentiated value. Schedule it and we will be there!

Additionally, every second Wednesday of every month, we hold a one hour webinar at 2:30 pm CT. Sign up now here!

Ruskin also has a brand new, hands-on product showcase here in Kansas City that we use during customer visits and training sessions. We can demonstrate the quality we build into every Ruskin product: quality that is backed up with an ISO 9001 certification.

Keep up to date on Ruskin and remember to keep TRAINING.

- Tom Edwards, President (Ruskin Company)