New Whitepaper from AMCA: Introduction to Intake and Exhaust Louvers

AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) recently released a white paper titled "Introduction to Intake and Exhaust Louvers."  
Louver The white paper gives introductory knowledge into the understanding of louver functionality. It will help architects and specifiers identify the appropriate louver required for a specific application, discussing selection based on performance criteria detailing: pressure drop, free area, and water penetration resistance.  The paper also illustrates the need to supply buildings with fresh outdoor air to provide better indoor air quality.  It demonstrates that louvers have evolved to meet the demands of sustainable buildings and code requirements in additions to improving building aesthetics.

Ruskin® has a wide range of louvers to meet every application from stationary to specialty to extreme weather conditions. While providing fresh air intake and exhaust,  Ruskin louvers can also provide architectural style to building design.  With the variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes available, Ruskin louvers can add to the unique and appealing design of a building.  Ruskin louvers can accommodate various blade angles with high free area.

Download the AMCA whitepaper