Ruskin introduces EME420DDE and EME520DDE louvers – providing enhanced impact resistance for “essential facilities” and other structures


The Ruskin® EME420DDE and EME520DDE wind-driven rain resistant louvers are qualified to the AMCA 540 Missile Level E Impact Test (55 mph impact). The models are ideal for applications located in hurricane-prone regions along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, and Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 

AMCA Impact ResistantThese 4-inch (EME420DDE) and 5-inch (EME520DDE) deep horizontal blade models meet the impact resistance requirements for louvers located within the wind-borne debris region defined in chapter 16 of the International Building Code and Florida Building Code. The louvers’ Enhanced Protection ratings qualifies them for use in “essential facilities,” such as hospitals, jails, detention facilities, fire and rescue, police stations, emergency vehicle garages and other buildings designated emergency shelters.

The EME420DDE and EME520DDE are AMCA-listed for impact resistance and AMCA-certified for air, water and wind-driven rain performance, providing assurance to design professionals in selections and sizing. 

Featuring all-aluminum construction and a variety of available finishes, the EME420DDE and EME520DDE provide excellent corrosion resistance and aesthetic characteristics that can be tailored to the application.

As part of its commitment to quality, Ruskin covers all its products, including the EME420DDE and EME520DDE, with a limited five-year warranty from the date of delivery.

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