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Ruskin® Introduces TED40 Economy Insulated Thinline Control Damper

The TED40 provides low leakage and thermal performance in a thin line 4" deep frame. Blade profile stays within the frame in the full open position which makes it ideal for mounting against louvers or openings.

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Ruskin® introduces new 5-inch vertical louver with best-in-class wind-driven rain performance

The EME520V wind-driven rain-resistant stationary louver is the newest louver offering from Ruskin. This five-inch vertically-oriented louver has best-in-class wind-driven rain performance (Class A at 29 and 50 mph). It also has good pressure drop.

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Ruskin® introduces ABD-FD automatic balancing damper and curtain fire damper assembly

Ruskin introduces a new series of pressure-independent automatic balancing dampers (ABDs). The ABD-FD automatic balancing damper and curtain fire damper assembly is the only unit in the industry that combines an ABD with a UL555 1 ½-hour static-rated fire damper to meet building code requirements.

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Ruskin® introduces TDP05K advanced thermal dispersion air measurement system measuring with industry-leading maximum 128 sensors

The Ruskin TDP05K advanced thermal dispersion air measurement system for air flow and temperature measuring averages multiple velocity and temperature points within the duct or plenum—arriving at the most accurate air measurements possible for demanding applications.

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Ruskin® introduces only 3-inch louver with AMCA 540 impact resistance

The EME3625DFL wind-driven rain-resistant stationary louver from Ruskin is the industry’s only 3-inch louver with Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) 540 impact resistance. Constructed of extruded aluminum for low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion, the louver is also AMCA 550-listed and is pending 2014 Florida Building Code approval.

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Subscribe to Ruskin's New Webinar Series

Join Ruskin on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 2:30 CST for a discussion in relevant HVAC topics. 

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Press Release: New critical environment damper series from <span style="font-style: italic">Ruskin®</span> withstands coastal and corrosive applications

A new critical environment damper series from Ruskin is designed and manufactured to withstand the elements of coastal and corrosive applications. The CD50CE and TED50CE combine the strength of stainless steel and protection of anodized aluminum to combat salt water elements.

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Press Release: <span style="font-style: italic">Ruskin®</span> extends limited warranty to five years on all products

Ruskin announces the extension of its limited warranty program from one year to five years from the date of delivery. Effective Feb. 1, 2017, the new warranty terms apply to all Ruskin products and are intended to inspire confidence in the Ruskin brand.

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Understanding the ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L Tests

When reviewing a louver’s submittal sheet, how can you be sure that the performance stated on the sheet is accurate?

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Ruskin leaders are actively involved with industry association

AMCA's Louver Marketing Task Force champions louver certification, advocating to the industry the value of AMCA-certified products in accordance with AMCA codes.

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