New Code Requirements Challenge Manufacturers

Ruskin Economizer Solution meets demanding leakage and air ventilation specifications.

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) – New, more stringent leakage and ventilation air requirements issued by ASHRAE, AMCA, the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), has HVAC manufacturers scrambling to bring their products up to specs.  That is, all but one -- Ruskin Dampers and Louvers.

Ruskin's new Economizer Solution was developed with the latest code requirements in mind.  And, includes many standard features for which other manufacturers charge a premium or simply cannot offer.

Combined, the modified codes now demand motorized outside air dampers that provide ultra-low leakage rates of

3 cfm per sq. ft. at 1-inch water gauge.  This includes all outside dampers -- regardless of size or application.  Some of the applications covered are stairways, elevator shaft vents, mechanical rooms, rooftop air handling units, custom air handling units and other areas integral to the building envelope.

Additionally, variable air volume air distribution systems need to include controls to measure and regulate the flow of outdoor air while supplying the required rate of ventilation air on a continuous basis during the period the building is occupied.

Ruskin's complete Economizer line already meets the strict leakage code requirements.  Combined with the optional Ruskin Sureflow air-monitoring station, the Economizer can measure the exact amount of outside air entering the building envelope.

The newly developed "Totalcontrol" option is an innovative control solution that replaces bulky rain hoods with, code required, high-efficiency louvers.  These louvers are equipped with a complete air monitor station and IAQ features.

To learn more about Ruskin dampers, louvers and sound control products visit our website at www.ruskin.comfor the name of your local Ruskin representative, or call 816-761-7476.

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