Providing comfort through innovative, efficient and sustainable air solutions.
In order to meet demanding applications that satisfy current building code requirements for all structures, Ruskin Air Control Solutions include sustainable products for the following applications:
High performance air systems require high performance products. Every Ruskin Green product is AMCA Certified or fully tested in our first-class R&D testing laboratory.
Ruskin's Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) recapture conditioned air to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor ERV’s
  • Air Measuring Stations
  • Air Measuring Control Dampers
  • Air Measuring Louvers
Ruskin's louvers & architectural products meet a wide variety of airflow, weather protection, appearance and energy saving applications, appearance and energy saving applications. Our solutions are available for architectural, mechanical or mixed purpose applications.


20 Questions with Tom Edwards, president of Ruskin

HVACR Business interview with Tom Edwards

Ruskin Complies to New ISO9001 Standard

Kansas City, Missouri,September 9, 2003 -- Ruskin Manufacturing Company announced today that following a registration audit by DNV registrar, they have... Read more...

Operations and Maintenance Guide

NFPA80, 72, 105 and 92 standards spell out the requirements for periodic operation and testing of life safety dampers. This Operations and Maintenance guide details these requirements for fire, smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers. Read more...

President Tom Edwards Blog

Follow Tom Edwards on his personal blog!

Ruskin Architectural Products provide function and beauty to State Farm Insurance Company’s new Regional Customer Center in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The $500 million campus-style project is located in the CityLine mixed-use development in Richardson, TX, roughly 10 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. The new facility will replace several smaller State Farm facilities located throughout North Texas and may employ up to 8,000 when complete. The project includes 4 office towers and approximately 2 million square feet of floor space that will serve State Farm along with residential, health and retail businesses. Read more..

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