Ruskin® Webinars 2020

The Ruskin webinar series 2020 has now completed. All video replay links are listed below

Previous 2020 Webinar Video Replays

Subject YouTube Webinar Video Replay Link

Ruskin Louver Certifications 101
AMCA and the certification and listing of Louvers
Miami Dade Hurricane Louvers and AMCA540 and 550 code
FEMA Tornado Louvers 

Ruskin Life Safety Damper Installations (Part 2)
Damper Accessories
Ceiling Dampers
Testing and Maintenance 

Ruskin Life Safety Damper Installations (Part 1)
Why Life Safety Dampers
Codes and Standards
Plan and Specification
Life Safety Testing
Ratings & Actuation Installation of FD/FSD 

Ruskin Louver Selection 101 Webinar
Understand still-air vs. wind-driven rain louver applications and installation
Understand specialty louver applications
Utilize LEADS (Louver Engineering and Architectural Design System) to correctly select and size products
Driving the Spec, Interpret specification, schedule, and drawings to produce an accurate, effective submittal 

Ruskin Data Center Installations Webinar
Attendees will learn about: 
Data Center Metrics
Design Resources
Data Center Damper and Louver Models
Data Center Design Solutions 

Ruskin New Louver Selections Webinar
Webinar and discussion on Ruskin's new louver models. Attendees will learn about:
Test Standards
Specifying Louvers
New Tools to help Engineers Specify Louvers
New Products from Ruskin
New Product Installation Overview

Ruskin Airflow Considerations in Today's Buildings Webinar Replay
Attendees will learn about why we measure outside air. Methods of measuring airflow and the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.
Why outside air measurement is one of the most difficult applications

Ruskin Damper Selection: Top Picks & More Webinar Replay
Ruskin Product Marketing Manager Mike Coyazo hosts a webinar and discussion on commercial damper selection

Ruskin Air Control Considerations for COVID 19 Webinar Replay
Three Ruskin experts will take you through different solutions to protect your buildings, your employees and yourself from COVID-19.
Documents discussed in this Webinar :
Combating COVID-19 with Healthy Ventilation Rates 
Strategies for the Prevention of Aerosol Virus Transmission in Buildings Whitepaper