Ruskin® Brand Story

It’s important to keep air flowing efficiently, quietly and safely in buildings where people work and live. At Ruskin®, we’ve become the leaders in the air control industry because we care about empowering our partners and customers to build better buildings and ultimately, to build them with healthy and comfortable air.

That’s why we are always out front with the best air control solutions in the industry. From dampers and louvers, to air measuring systems and ERVs, Ruskin® is recognized for consistent innovation, engineering excellence and precision manufacturing. The Ruskin® knowledgeable and dedicated rep network adds value by listening to customer’s needs and providing expert advice and nimble service. It’s no wonder that Ruskin® has a storied history of leading innovation in the air control industry, maintaining long-term, successful relationships and boldly helping partners and customers find the freedom to succeed.

Ruskin®: Authority in Air Control

Ruskin® Brand Pillars

Always Out Front
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff lead the industry in innovation.
By anticipating and influencing the trends and demands in air control, we consistently deliver advanced solutions ahead of the curve.

Empowering Expertise
Leading the industry in unequaled engineering and quality manufacturing, we give customers the tools they need to succeed.
From our extensive catalog of products, to our custom design-and-build solutions, we provide equipment that empowers our partners and solves customer challenges.

Partners in Success
Our industry-seasoned Rep network is the best in the business. They routinely provide customers with insights and consultation that engender strong relationships and ensure customer success.