Ruskin Industrial FAQs
Product Applications
A: There are a wide variety of actuators types, operating modes, fail positions, and accessories offered, the most common used for industrial dampers are identified herein. Contact your local Ruskin representative for a selection specific to your application. a. Types: (1) Electric (motor-operated) 24Vac/Vdc to 230Vac (2) Pneumatic (air-operated) 25psi to 120psi (3) Manual hand quadrants (4) Manual worm gears w/hand wheels b. Operating modes: (1) Manual (2) 2-Position (3) Modulating c. Fail position: (1) Non fail-safe (fail in place) (2) Fail-safe (fail open or closed) d. Ratings: (1) Low temperature (2) High temperature (3) NEMA 2,4,4x,7, or 9. e. Options and accessories: (1) Position feedback (4-20mA, 3-15psi, or switches) (2) Pressure regulators (3) Manual overrides Representative Locator LINK Actuators and Damper Accessories LINK
A. Ruskin offers many rigorously tested dampers to purge smoke, control smoke, or provide fire protection during emergency conditions, including NFPA 130 (subway), NFPA 502 (road and vehicular), and BS476:20 (fire test). Tunnel Ventilation Dampers LINK
A. While some industrial 316 SST round and rectangular dampers are used in these applications, it is most common to use fiberglass dampers. The Ruskin fiberglass series of rectangular control/isolation, round control/isolation, and backdraft dampers provide the longest operability and life in these harshest of environments. The fiberglass and elastomeric seals cause the least reaction to chemicals found in WTP applications. Fiberglass Dampers LINK
A.The Ruskin fiberglass series of rectangular control/isolation, round control/isolation, and backdraft dampers provide the longest operability and life in these harshest of environments. Fiberglass Dampers LINK
A. Ruskin offers blast suppression dampers which are custom designed to each application. Ruskin blast suppression dampers have been designed for peak reflective pressures from 1.6 psi to 44.0 psi. These dampers are commonly used for vapor cloud and dust cloud explosions found in petroleum, chemical, defense, government, dust collector, and other applications. Blast Suppression Dampers LINK
A. Depending upon the spark resistance level (A, B, or C) required the CD80AF series, CD102, or CDR82 can be modified with aluminum construction and/or Teflon bearings to meet each spark resistance level. Multi-Blade-Control-Dampers LINK and CDR82 LINK
A. Ruskin qualified inspectors test every bubble tight damper to AMCA 500-D bubble test requirements before shipment. AMCA states that a failure occurs if any bubbles exceed 1.6 mm diameter (1/16 in.) in 1 second or if any bubbles exceed 7mm (1/4 in.) diameter in 1 minute. The BTR-250 is the most common bubble-tight damper, but many models are available depending upon type of critical application. Bubble-tight Isolation Dampers LINK
A. MRI applications require no metallic parts. Ruskin custom modifies the CD30AF1 with aluminum construction and non-metal hardware/bearings. However, round dampers and other high-pressure dampers can also be modified to meet the application. CD30AF1 LINK
A. Ruskin custom modifies the CBS8BL damper for tornadic applications. Depending upon system design CD80AF4 control dampers and/or CBS8 backdraft dampers can also be utilized. CBS8BL LINK
A. Ruskin offers round and rectangular dampers that are modified to custom suit every application. The most common backdraft dampers can be designed to have the counterweight hold the damper closed until relief pressure (minimum .25”wg) is reached, slightly opening the blade to relieve the pressure. Pressure Relief Damper LINK
Product Design and Selection
A. Pressure drop is the resistance to airflow across an open damper and increases as turbulent flow increases. The total resistance of airflow in the system must be considered when sizing air movement devices such as fans.
A. Air Leakage is the airflow rate through the closed damper for a given pressure differential across the damper. Damper Leakage Rates LINK
A. A pressure relief damper is a backdraft damper with an adjustable start-open pressure. This damper is generally used as a safety or controlling device. For example, mounting this damper on a duct section would relieve unexpected overpressure or relieve negative pressure downstream of a rapidly closing fire damper. Pressure Relief Damper LINK
A: An actuator is a device that causes the damper to cycle open and closed. Ruskin offers a wide variety of manual, electric, and pneumatic actuators. Actuators and Damper Accessories LINK
A: Yes, some damper manufactures use “zero-leak” as a marketing slogan. While this is an effective marketing trick, AMCA 500-D does not recognize the term “zero-leak”, which is why Ruskin does not market products this way. Bubble-Tight dampers are tested to see if bubbles appear after one second and again after one minute.
Ordering Information
A. Your local Ruskin representative can be found at this link. Representative Locator LINK
A. The lead time on industrial orders can depend on order requirements and complexity. Contact your local Ruskin representative approximate lead-time. Representative Locator LINK
A. Ruskin offers a variety of “Express” options on industrial products.  Contact your local Ruskin representative for options. Representative Locator LINK
A. Expedited delivery options depend on product weight and size of crate. Contact your local Ruskin representative for options.. Representative Locator LINK
A. Ruskin products carry a standard 5-year (60 month) warranty on material and workmanship following the date of delivery. Limited Warranty LINK
A. Ruskin manufactures our industrial dampers within the USA and complies with Buy America provisions. Buy America Provision requirements must be identified on the Request for Quote RFQ.
A. Yes, Ruskin can include test dampers for job specific requirements at additional cost. Contact your local Ruskin representative for details. Representative Locator LINK
Installation, Operation and Maintenance
A: Contact your local Ruskin representative to receive O&M manuals. Representative Locator LINK