Ruskin's Z2000 Zone Comfort System Puts You in Control!

The Z2000 System Controller is the heart of the Ruskin Zone Comfort System.  With up to 20 zones per HVAC unit and no field programming required, it is perfect for light commercial applications.  This economic solution manages both heating and air conditioning.

Its own space thermostat and motorized damper control each zone. 

Ruskin Z2000 System Features:

Ruskin Zone Control Dampers complement the Z2000 System. 

They are available in both “primary” and “tracer” control. In their primary configuration, each damper ships with a 24v actuator, zone logic board, duct changeover sensor and wall thermostat.  When configured as a tracer, the zone damper includes the 24v actuator only. Each primary can ship with three (3) tracers.

In addition, Ruskin Zone Control Dampers are offered in a stand-alone configuration for individualized comfort control. 

For Bypass Applications, RUSKIN offers both Electronic and Barometric dampers.

Z2000 Zone Accessories Include:

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