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Louver and Architectural Solutions

While providing fresh air intake and exhaust, Ruskin Louvers can also provide architectural style to building design. With the variety of models, sizes, and paint finishes available, Ruskin Louvers can add unusual and appealing features to exterior and interior elevation. Ruskin louvers are available in depths ranging from 1.5" to 12", and can accommodate various blade angles with high free area.

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Air Measuring Louvers

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Extreme Performance Louvers and Grilles

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Models under this category
ACL1245: Stationary Acoustical Louver
ACL1245AF: Stationary Acoustical Louver with Airfoil Blade
ACL1245AFD: Miami-Dade Approved Acoustical Louver
ACL1245D: Miami-Dade Approved Acoustical Louver
ACL445: Stationary Acoustical Louver
ACL645: Acoustical Louver
ACL645D: Miami-Dade Approved Acoustical Louver
ACL845: Stationary Acoustical Louver
ACL845AF: Stationary Acoustical Louver with Airfoil Blade
AML3: Air Measuring Louver, 275-2,024 FPM, Velocity Pressure
AML6: Air Measuring Louver, 345-2,149 FPM, Velocity Pressure
BL520DD: Blast Resistant Louver
BV100: Aluminum Brick Vent
BVC100: Cast Aluminum Brick Vent
DPT-IQ: Transducer, LCD Display, 0-4 inWC, Velocity Pressure
EAL6811: Acoustical Louver
EAL6811M: Adjustable Acoustical Louver
EG100: Horizontal Screen
ELBD375E: Automatic Exhaust Dual Combination Aluminum Louver
ELBD375I: Automatic Intake Dual Combination Aluminum Louver
ELBD812: Combination Louver
ELBD813: Combination Louver
ELC445D: Combination Louver
ELC6375DAX: Combination Louver
ELC6375DXD: Combination Hurricane Louver
ELF15J: Stationary Louver
ELF211: Stationary Louver
ELF211D: Stationary Louver
ELF22V: Stationary Louver
ELF30V: Stationary Louver
ELF375DFL: Stationary Louver
ELF375DSS: Snow Stopper Louver
ELF375DX: Stationary Louver
ELF375DXD: Extruded Aluminum Hurricane Louver
ELF375DXH: Stationary Louver
ELF375X: Stationary Louver
ELF375XH: Stationary Louver
ELF40V: Stationary Louver
ELF40Y: Stationary Louver
ELF445DX: Stationary Louver
ELF445DXH: Stationary Louver
ELF520DD: Sightproof, Aluminum, Drainable Louver
ELF6350DMP: Stationary Louver
ELF6375DFL: Stationary Louver
ELF6375DX: Stationary Louver
ELF6375DXD: Miami-Dade County Approved Stationary Louver
ELF6375DXH: Stationary Louver
ELF6375X: Stationary Louver
ELF6375XH: Stationary Louver
ELF6425DD: Stationary Louver
ELF6811: Stationary Louver
ELF6811DD: Stationary Louver
ELF6811S: Stationary Louver
ELF811DD: Stationary Louver
ELF811SH: Stationary Louver
ELF81S30: Stationary Louver
ELF837: Stationary Louver
ELM6375DX: Adjustable Louver
ELM6375X: Adjustable Louver
ELM811: Adjustable Louver
ELM811D: Adjustable Louver
ELM811H: Adjustable Louver
ELM90: Adjustable Louver
ELM90H: Adjustable Louver
ELM90HFA: ELM90HFA Adjustable Louver
ELR: Round and Semi-Round Stationary Louver
ELT: Triangular and Trapezoidal Stationary Louver
EME220DD: Stationary Wind Driven Rain Louver
EME3625: Wind-Driven Rain Resistant Stationary Louver
EME420DD: Stationary Wind Driven Rain Louver
EME420MD: Wind Driven Rain Resistant Stationary Louver
EME520DD: Wind-Driven Rain Resistant Louver
EME520MD: Wind Driven Rain Resistant Stationary Louver
EME545D: Wind Driven Rain Resistant Stationary Louver
EME6325D: Hurricane Louver
EME6625: Stationary Rain-Resistant Louver
EME6625D: Miami-Dade County Approved Stationary Louver
EME737: Wind Driven Rain Louver
EME745: Wind-Driven Rain Resistant Stationary Louver
EME820DD: Stationary Louver
ET125/ET125-30: Stationary, Thinline Stationary Louver
EV300: Vertical Screen
EV400: Vertical Screen
EV400V: Vertical Screen
EV538: Vertical Chevron Screen
EV700: Sightproof Vertical Screen
EV811: Horizontal Screen
GFL800: Stationary Louver
GFL800D: Stationary Louver
L24: Stationary Louver
L26: Stationary Louver
L330: Stationary Louver
L375D: Stationary Louver
L530: Stationary Louver
L5361: Stationary Louver
L6375D: Stationary Louver
L6745: Adjustable Louver
L6811: Stationary Louver
L6811S: Stationary Louver
L745: Adjustable Louver
L811: Stationary Louver
L811S: Stationary Louver
LC6375D: Combination Louver
LM375D: Steel Drainable Adjustable Louver
LM6375D: Steel Drainable Adjustable Louver
LM6811: Adjustable Louver
LV811: Horizontal Screen
PH811(S): Mitered Corner Penthouses
PH837: Penthouse Louver
PHB: Box Penthouse
PHB6375DXD: Louvered Hurricane Penthouse
PHB637HDXD: Hurricane Penthouse
PHB6625D: Hurricane Penthouse
PHM: Mitered Penthouse
SSAFH8: Aluminum Airfoil Blade Sunshade
SSEGH: Eggcrate Blade Sunshade
SSLBH4: Louver Blade Sunshade
SSRTH: Rectangular Tube Blade Sunshade
XP500: Aluminum Extreme Weather Louver
XP500S: Steel Extreme Weather Louver


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