Ruskin Air & Sound Control

FSD60GA : UL 555/555S 1.5 hr./Class I, Airfoil Blade, 4,000 fpm and 8" w.g. max, Factory Sleeve

The FSD60GA is a UL555 Classified Fire Damper and a UL555S Classified Smoke Damper. It is designed for supply or return ducts with grille outlet. It features:

  • Through the grille access to damper and accessories.
  • Easy installation from one side.
  • Fail-safe design, which enables the damper to automatically assume the desired position when fire interrupts operational power.
  • 4,000 fpm and 8" w.g. maximum rating.
  • UL555 1 1/2 hour Fire Damper.
  • UL555S Class I Leakage Rated.

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