Air Control Solutions

For Commercial Dampers, we offer

  • Galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Triple V-groove blades for economy and Airfoil blades for high performance
  • Parallel or opposed blade action for airflow direction or control
  • Concealed linkage for low noise and maintenance
  • Extruded vinyl, silicone, Ruskiprene or inflatable PVC coated polyester blade edge seals to meet a variety of leakage and temperature requirements
  • Compressible stainless steel or polycarbonate jamb seals for tight shut off
  • Molded synthetic or stainless steel sleeve bearings for durability
  • Steel hexagonal locking axles for smooth, non-twisting reliable operation
  • Round dampers with channel frame mount or sleeved in duct mount styles for round ductwork
  • Backdraft dampers with adjustable counterbalance design for the “on the job” setting
  • AMCA certification

For Industrial Dampers, we offer many of the above features plus

  • Grades of Stainless Steel for severe environments
  • Fully-welded frames to ensure product integrity
  • Low maintenance bearings effective for low temperature or elevated temperature installations; mounted to, or outboard of, the damper frame
  • Shaft seals to limit leakage through the axle penetrations in the frame
  • Exposed or concealed linkage depending on your pressure requirements
  • Variety of finishes to protect the damper against contaminants or corrosion
Ruskin Brands and Locations
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