Ruskin Manufacturing, Kansas City, MO, announces the [model:13474]CDTI-50[/model] Thermally Isolated Aluminum Control Damper. This damper is specifically engineered and manufactured to provide the lowest thermal conductivity available. Each airfoil blade is injected with high-density polyurethane foam providing thermal isolation. After the injection process, each blade edge is then cut producing the thermal break needed to effectively isolate one skin from the other reducing thermal transfer. The CDTI-50 has been tested by an independent lab to ASTM C976-90 & ASTM C1199-97 standards for Thermal Performance of Building Assemblies and Thermal Transmission. The CDTI-50 is leakage controlled to as little as 4cfm per square foot with only 40 inch lbs. of holding torque. Ruskin builds a complete line of commercial and industrial control dampers, fire/smoke dampers, louvers and grilles for the HVAC and architectural market.