HVAC systems designers are specifying more and more round duct today than ever before.  Why?  Round duct is superior in performance and more economical than rectangular ductwork.  But, what happens when round duct systems require dampers?  If you install or specify “old style” square dampers with round transitions (i.e. fire or fire/smoke dampers w/ CR style transitions) you reduce the benefits desired by using round duct systems.

You might be asking yourself, “What damper should I use in a round duct system?” The answer: The RUSKIN “TRUE ROUND” FSDR25 combination fire/smoke & FDR25 fire damper!!  There are many advantages in using true round dampers versus square to round dampers.

  • Reduced installation time
  • Fewer parts and pieces at job site
  • Lower product cost
  • Better performance
  • Integral factory sleeve
  • Integral angles factory supplied
  • Masonry, Wood and Steel Stud Construction

However, we are never satisfied if we find room for improvement.  We have two new enhancements to the “true round” FSDR25 combination fire/smoke and FDR25 fire damper.

Ruskin has been able to “Make it Happen” once again by developing a 24” in diameter “true round” damper and even better it’s UL approved! We also have redesigned the cinch device, so that it is much easier to install.  The cinch plate “fans” out and wraps around the sleeve instead of a “slip fitting” over the end of the sleeve.  These improvements are just one more reason that Ruskin continues to be “Specified by Many – Equaled by None”.

Please consult your local representative or the factory direct for further information and availability.