Ruskin Brings Comfort to Medical Center

The owners of St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OK find comfort in knowing their emergency generator system is protected by Ruskin. A newly built penthouse using Ruskin’s Wind Driven Rain Resistant EME6625 Louver keeps the top-floor generator room dry and secure.

Designed to handle the severe weather conditions often found in the Midwest, the EME6625 Louver creates very low pressure drop while providing the best combination of rain protection and high airflow capacity.

To meet an increase in demand for medical services, the owners of St. John Medical Center recently expanded their complex — including the 500 bed hospital. Located in the heart of Tulsa, OK, the medical center is subjected to the threat of rain throughout the year with occasional large hail and violent windstorms.

The new medical center expansion included a state-of-the-art emergency generator system located on the top floor. This meant that large intake openings had to be placed on the rooftop to feed the generators the proper amount of air. It also created a problem. The combination of wind and rain native to the area meant special accommodations had to be made to prevent water from seeping into the generator’s air intake openings.