Ruskin Has the Solution

To protect the openings, a 54' x 15' x 5' tall vertical blade Wind Driven Rain Resistant Penthouse was mounted above the generator room. The penthouse solution was designed by Keith Browne of Lee and Browne Consulting Engineers using Ruskin’s Wind Driven Resistant EME6625 Louver.

The engineers chose this Ruskin louver because they were able to design a structure that creates very low pressure drop and provides an excellent combination of rain protection with high airflow capacity.

“The emergency generator installation which the penthouse serves has an intake air flow requirement of 375,000 CFM,” says Keith. “The vertical blade design offers enhanced performance versus traditional horizontal blade louvered penthouses.”

The hospital’s new penthouse is the largest ever built by Ruskin using a Wind Driven Rain Resistant Louver. These louvers have been specifically designed and tested in the AMCA Wind Driven Rain Test for use in the most severe weather conditions.

With the performance of the hospital’s generator equipment at stake, the decision to create a penthouse using the EME6625 Louver provides the owners a high level of comfort. “Water penetration though the penthouse would be unacceptable,” says Keith. “This design provides an excellent water barrier.”

In addition to the Wind Driven Resistant EME6625 Louver used in this project, Ruskin’s network of representatives provide a complete line of dampers and louvers.

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