Ruskin solves the Caribbean design challenges

The Hato International Airport upgrade was not without its design challenges.  Due to the salt laden, corrosive atmosphere of the Caribbean Ocean and the warm tropical climate, this project required a unique combination of Ruskin products.  Three distinct models of Ruskin high performance louvers, as well as Ruskin sunshades, were specified and selected by Aviation Services Bechtel Civil Company.  In addition, Ruskin louvers were designed to meet high windload applications that may occur during hurricane conditions. Ruskin provided structural calculations and built the louvers to the exact requirements of the building.  Our industry best 20-year warranty on our Kynar®finish means not only will these louvers enhance the airport’s appearance but will provide years of exceptional, maintenance-free service. The choice of Ruskin’s decorative sunshades provided both function and beauty while protecting the structure from the heat of the Caribbean sun.