With the Red and Orange lines scheduled to open in October 2007, the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit project (KMRT), after seventeen years of planning, will be open for business. 

Early in 2004, Ruskin began our work on this prestigious project for Taiwan's largest harbor and second largest city with over 3 million people.  The Red (North and South) and Orange (East and West) lines will intersect Kaohsiung and provide public transportation through a series of 38 stations. 

Eighty (80) percent of the 42.7 kilometer combined track length will be underground.  The plan is to minimize noise and air pollution in the operational area and increase the quality of public transportation by relieving the extreme pressure on Kaohsiung’s roads and highways.

Through the efforts of Ruskin’s Taiwan representative, Waxlink International Co., Ltd., Ruskin was able to secure the tunnel industrial dampers as well as the commercial and UL dampers for station ventilation.