Ruskin is pleased to present our line of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) for use in recapturing of conditioned air to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems. With many models available, these stand-alone units can be used in outdoor and indoor applications in downflow, side-by-side and over-under configurations.

Ruskin Energy Recovery Ventilators are the perfect choice for reducing the HVAC loads required in buildings while at the same time providing better comfort and better efficiency.

Ruskin offers a broad range of custom options that allow you to design the ERV to best fit to your application.

The “heart” of Ruskin’s ERV is the ARI rated enthalpy wheel.  Its patented design includes parallel layers of wrapped polymeric material impregnated with a silica gel.  All wheels are slide out cassettes and made up of individually removable pie segments that are easily cleanable versus other types of energy recovery media.

Ruskin ERV features include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • ARI Rated Enthalpy Wheel
  • Fully Insulated Cabinets
  • New Sizes up to 12,000 CFM!

Ruskin’s Energy Recovery Ventilator Brochure is available on line at  

  • Application and Construction information
  • Standard Features and Custom Accessories
  • Dimensional and Configuration Details
  • Performance Data that Includes Drive Losses
  • Suggested Specifications

To learn more about Ruskin’s complete air and sound control products or to locate a Ruskin representative nearest you, visit our website at www.ruskin.comor call us at 816-761-7476.