The North-South Bypass Tunnel (NSTB) project in Brisbane, Australia has a new name, the Clem Jones Tunnel or CLEM7. (CLEM7 Home Page) This revolutionary piece of infrastructure honors the memory of Clem Jones; Brisbane’s longest serving Lord Mayor, holding office from 1961 to 1975. He oversaw the city’s growth from a sleepy country town to a vibrant subtropical city.  Ruskin is proud to be a part of this prestigious project.

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Ruskin Tunnel Dampers on this project are rated for continuous 2-hour operation at 300 Co (572 Fo).  The specification also called for factory certified testing for leakage, air performance and cycling.  Ruskin is uniquely qualified to provide these services in our world famous Research & Development laboratory.

Ruskin TFD80’s are treated with a special epoxy coating and include a thermal enclosure for the electric actuators designed for this project.  The dampers include full perimeter jamb seals to maximize the free area and side linkage for ease of maintenance and free of any debris that may be in the airstream.  In addition, the TFD80 carries the following ratings:

  • British Standard 476 Part 20 for 4-Hour Fire Integrity Test
  • UL555S Leakage Class 1

The 6.8 kilometer CLEM7 will connect Woolloongabba in the south to Bowen Hills in the north, and will be the first section of the new M7 motorway.  The tunnel will link to five existing major motorways and arterial roads on the north and south sides of the Brisbane River, which together carry 400,000 vehicles every day.

By 2010, its benefits to this great city will be enormous. It will bypass many sets of traffic lights, reduce travel time by up to 30%, cut fuel costs, lower stress and improve safety.

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