SUNY-Binghamton's East Campus Housing project involves construction of three dormitory buildings - Delaware, Endicott and Broome - for the new Newing College as well as the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center.

Binghamton's Green Campus initiatives have transformed 81,860 square feet of formerly paved areas to green space in the last five years.

Each dormitory will be six stories tall and will house approximately 400 students.  The same "neighborhood" style used in previous buildings will be used for student rooms. This style features residential rooms housing two students with six students sharing bathroom facilities that include  sink/toilet areas separate from showers.  The buildings will also have study lounges, laundry facilities, a kitchen and a great room.

The green choice for zone control in each dorm room is Ruskin's ZPD15.  Our ZPD15 offers an easily installed, maintenance free zone damper solution that interfaces with our hand-held remote damper controller - Ruskin model ZRC020.  The remote control is equipped with an integral 9V power supply that operates the damper motor via RJ11 cable terminating at an RJ11 connector located either at the diffuser or wall box.

The ZPD15 includes:

  • Remote Controlled Balancing Damper
  • Universal RJ11 Communication and Power Cable
  • Quick-Connect wall mount or diffuser mount connectors require no special tooling.
  • Flush mounted wall plates available in single or multiple port arrangements.
  • The Pulse Damper eliminates the need for cable in the “cable-drive” systems!