In addition to the key sustainable strategies like wind turbines, solar panels and daylight harvesting, the SFPUC also has an energy efficient mixed mode ventilation system that utilizes under floor (UF) air distribution.  Controlling the pressure in this space and the floor-to-ceiling space required some creative thinking on the part of the mechanical engineers on the project, Arup of San Francisco and SJ Engineers of San Francisco.

The damper of choice? Ruskin model FSD60M.  This 3-in-1 combination fire smoke damper not only provides fire and smoke protection but is a 24v modulating airfoil control damper to regulate the airflow in the underfloor space.  The airfoil design also reduces pressure drop in the system.

Also on this LEED-Platinum project as part of the energy saving HVAC design of the building, Ruskin is supplying models IAQ50X, self-contained air measuring and control dampers, and AML6, air measuring AMCA certified wind-driven rain louvers.