Ruskin Manufacturing, Kansas City, MO, introduces the new and improved [model:ibd10](D)IBD10[/model] fire damper. The (D)IBD10 is the industries most versatile and easy to install fire damper! The (D)IBD10 saves valuable installation time which equals money in your pocket! Some of the money saving benefits are:[list] [*]Complete [b]one trip[/b] installation from one side of steel stud walls [*]Installation [b]before or after[/b] the sheet rock (less coordination headaches) [*]Complete installation from one side of masonry walls with easy to use holding straps [*]No additional retaining angles required. [*]12", 14" or 16" money saving integral sleeve. [*]Ships directly to the job site ready to install.[/list] Ask your [link:]Ruskin representative[/link] about the (D)IBD10. It's so easy to install you'll never use another damper. Ruskin builds a complete line of commercial and industrial control dampers, fire/smoke dampers, louvers and grilles for the HVAC and architectural market.