Ruskin announces the availability of TDF roll-formed flange connections on fire and fire/smoke damper sleeves.  That's right! If you use TDF connections, Ruskin can roll-form that connection into the fire or fire/smoke damper sleeve.

That means the sleeve can be installed at the Ruskin factory and the fire or fire/smoke damper assembly can ship directly to the job site. The sleeve and TDF connection no longer need to be formed nor the fire damper installed at "the shop."

"TDF breakaway connections save labor, time and money and make Ruskin fire and fire/smoke dampers even easier to install," says David Wall, a member of the Ruskin Fire/Smoke Damper Application Group.

For more information about TDF, read our TDF installation instruction supplement.  For pricing and availability, contact your local representative, or contact Ruskin directly at (816)761-7476.