New AMCA WhitepaperWhen reviewing a louver’s submittal sheet, how can you be sure that the performance stated on the sheet is accurate?  Lead contributor Peter Blaha, product manager for Ruskin® architectural products and the AMCA Louver Marketing Task Force describes the tests outlined in ANSI/AMCA Standard 500-L, helping specifiers understand what testing in accordance with this AMCA standard proves and does not prove about the louver they are considering for a project. 

“Many people that specify louvers for projects, especially those that are relatively new to the industry, may not know much about the type of testing that goes into a louver before it can bear the AMCA CRP (certified ratings program) marking,” Blaha says.  “This white paper will help to educate those that are unfamiliar with AMCA 500-L testing and give a better understanding of the types of testing that louvers go through.”

Blaha hopes that readers take away a general understanding of the AMCA 500-L testing protocols for louvers and why it is important to have a louver certified through AMCA.  Those who specify a louver will have the assurance that the performance stated is accurate.