ASAP 3.0 Eliminates HVAC noise problems before you hear them!

Ruskin has released a new 64-bit version of ASAP for Windows! 64-bit ASAP has been developed with our customers in mind to be faster and more reliable. 

New features include: 
  • Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 8 64-bit Compatible 
  • Improved Output via PDF Printing 
  • Added allowance to the maximum pressure drop field to increase the available silencer model results 
  • Automatic Update Feature

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Download ASAP

You are now registered to download ASAP. The ASAP setup file download is approximately 18mb in size.

  • To begin installation immediately after download, choose to "Open" or "Run" this file after clicking the Download ASAP button.
  • If you wish to save the Setup file to your computer and run it later, choose to "Save" and be sure to make note of the location where you choose to save it.
  • The ASAP Selection Software is now only compatible with Windows 7 / 8 64 bit editions.
If you need to register a new email address for ASAP, click here.