Air Measuring Brochure
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With today’s demanding building and HVAC code requirements, managing and measuring airflow requires much more precision than it did just a few years ago. This improved control leads to better indoor air quality, greater productivity and increased energy efficiency.

To help you meet your building needs, Ruskin’s complete line of air measuring and IAQ products are designed with the latest codes in mind. And to make certain each product complies with current code requirements, all Ruskin products are tested in our AMCA registered testing facility.

IAQ Manual
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The IAQ50 integral air monitor/damper is the latest model in the new IAQ damper series from Ruskin and is designed to meet the current engineering demands for indoor air quality. The IAQ50 damper is an innovative combination of three different functions into one product: an airfoil control damper that regulates airflow, an airflow monitoring station, and a programmable controller. It is designed to provide HVAC system compliance with the ventilation standard as stated in ASHRAE Standard 62-1989. What is most unique about the IAQ50 is that the airflow monitor is built into the damper. Thus, this patented assembly is both narrow and compact and affords unmatched versatility. With a wide operating range and adjustable setpoints, the IAQ50 damper is poised to respond to future ventilation needs.

Case Study: 4 Queens Hotel & Casino
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To improve access into the Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Four Queens added a 48-foot air curtain. Built using Ruskin's IAQ50 air flow measuring and control dampers, the air curtain efficiently and economically maintains the pressure in the building.

Designed to satisfy the needs of a variety of applications, the IAQ50 air flow measuring and control damper provides the perfect solution to difficult challenges.

Case Study: Butterfly House & Education Center
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To provide consistent airflow to its butterfly inhabitants, the Butterfly House in St. Louis, MO, installed a Ruskin IAQ50 airflow measuring control damper with air monitor and straightener. The IAQ50 was chosen because of its accurate and reliable performance in helping to control airflow.

Designed to take on the toughest environments, the IAQ50 is also proving to be a valuable solution in the most delicate problems.