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Ruskin Brings Comfort to St. John's Hospital Medical Center with Wind Driven Rain Resistant Louvers - EME6625 & EME6625 - Case Study

The owners of St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OK find comfort in knowing their emergency generator system is protected by Ruskin. A newly built penthouse using Ruskin’s Wind Driven Rain Resistant EME6625 Louver keeps the top-floor generator room dry and secure. 

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MiniVentilator ERV for New Medical Office Building in Tahlequah Hospital - MV 750 MiniVentilator ERV - Case Study

Flynt and Kallenberger engineer, Justin Roush P.E., knew from previous experience that the non-ducted VRV systems would have trouble meeting ASHRAE Standard 62 (Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality) while maintaining a comfortable environment inside the building because of the high humidity in Tahlequah. 

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Ruskin’s FSD60V Proves To Be The Right Fit For Mahaska County Hospital - FSD60V Combination Fire/Smoke Damper - Case Study

The professionals who operate hospitals understand the importance of good air quality in maintaining a healthy environment. Unfortunately, many health care facilities don’t have the proper systems or adequate ventilation to meet current codes. 

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