Ruskin offers two different combination fire/smoke dampers for applications in a shaft wall where there is no access on the non-grille side. The two different styles offered for these applications are Grille Access (GA) and Front Access (FA). The use of dampers in this type of application avoids both the cost and unwieldiness of access doors. Both dampers also enable access to actuators and/or accessories through the grille by others. Although both the GA and FA styles are used for the same application, there are differences between the two. The GA is more economical than the FA, but the FA offers features not available for the GA. The three key differences between the GA and FA are: 

Actuator position. In the GA style, the actuator is located within the airstream. In the FA, however, the actuator is out of the airstream. This extends the life of the actuator, provides less pressure drop, and eases maintenance. 

Standard and maximum sizes. The GA style features a standard sleeve length of 17" and a 1-3/4" grille depth. The FA standard sleeve length, though, is 14" and it features a grille depth of 1 5/8". Moreover, the maximum size of the GA is 36"w x 36"h, but the FA's maximum size is 36"w x 36"h. Blade Type. 

Both the FA and GA styles are available with airfoil blades or triple-vee grove blades. Although others offer products similar to the GA style fire/smoke damper, the Ruskin front access style is one-of-a kind in the industry. So the next time you need a damper with access through the grille, choose either Ruskin's FA or GA style to suit needs of both your costs and application.

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