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New Download - The Architect’s Guide to Sun Control Products Brochure

Ruskin Sun Control products provide optimal shading to promote lower energy costs and to cut down the glare on your buildings. These sun control solutions create comfortable environments and increase lifespans of mechanical equipment, resulting in higher productivity and sustainability.

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Download IBC & IMC Hurricane Louver Test Requirements White Paper

There are also multiple styles of louvers available that meet these standards, each with their own characteristics that should be considered when selecting. In this paper we will examine the code requirements and outline the styles of compliant louvers available.

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New Louver Installation Guide Documents

Ruskin is excited to announce that we now have ten new installation guide documents for louvers that will make installation a lot easier!

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Industry-leading dampers from Ruskin ideal for data center environments

Ruskin announces air control dampers for data centers designed to maintain proper environmental conditions and ensure optimal performance of information and technology equipment.

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Ruskin Announces HZ700 Louver

The new HZ700 louver from Ruskin, is a 7-inch deep louver comprised of two pieces, a 4-inch horizontal front and a 3-inch vertical rear louver. The HZ700 was designed for applications needing a horizontal blade appearance but a vertical blade level of performance.

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Case Study - EV811 Screen Louvers Mask Cooling Towers at a Community College Campus in Tulsa, OK

EV811 screens are used primarily to hide equipment, such as in these cooling towers, and parking garage openings. In addition, they can also serve as protective barriers that are less expensive than concealment walls.

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New CD50IF High-performance Extruded Aluminum Airfoil Blade Control Damper - AMCA Class 1A Leakage Rated

Ruskin® has introduced the CD50IF, the newest addition to the airfoil blade models. The CD50IF is a low leak, extruded aluminum damper with integral flange designed with airfoil blades for higher velocity and pressure HVAC systems.

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Download Louver Considerations for Combating Infectious Aerosol Transmission in Buildings Whitepaper

In this paper, we discuss louver selection for HVAC systems designed and/or operated with the prevention of airborne disease transmission in mind. 

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, building managers and HVAC designers have been challenged with providing a comfortable indoor environment that is as safe as possible for its occupants.  A recently published document from ASHRAE offers several strategies for the design and operation of HVAC systems that may help reduce infectious aerosol transmission. Among the strategies identified, increasing outside air ventilation and running HVAC systems longer (24/7 if possible) are suggested for indoor air dilution and replacement.   

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Download Ruskin's COVID-19 Response Case Studies

We have put together a series of Ruskin COVID-19 Response Case Studies to show how we can assist during this time.

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Download the Latest Ruskin Sun Control Sunshades Flyer

Sunshades diffuse or block sunlight, reducing the cooling energy a building uses. They eliminate the need for expensive tinted glass and associated maintenance costs. Each unit is custom-built for a unique exterior building design. Crucially, a reduction of direct sunlight and glare increases the comfort of living and work spaces.

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