In our continuing effort to supply our representatives with the most competitive products at the best lead time possible, we are pleased to announce that a number of Ruskin industrial control damper models are now being manufactured at our Mira Loma, California facility. This expansion of industrial capacity to the west coast will better enable Ruskin to compete with those manufacturers who have long been offering expedited delivery for industrial dampers in the western territory.

The industrial damper models currently available through the Mira Loma facility are: CD30VG1, CD30VG2, CD30AF1, CD30AF2, CD80VG1, CD80VG2, CD80AF1, CD80AF2, CD80AF3, CD80AF4, and the CD/OD102 Control/Fan Outlet Damper. The Mira Loma facility is also equipped to mount an endless variety of industrial actuators to these damper models.

Although the industrial control dampers have been available for only a short time at the Mira Loma plant, there are already a number of success stories. One of those stories is the quality of work that went into the fabrication of CD/OD102 dampers for a NASA project. The additional manufacturing of the units in Mira Loma enabled Ruskin to tackle this project and successfully meet the customer’s critical delivery schedule.

This expansion of our industrial damper capability is yet another example of how Ruskin is keeping up with the demands of the industry. It has never been more evident that at Ruskin, We are Specified by Many…Equaled by None!