Ruskin standard Fire/Smoke dampers utilize quick detect, heat activated, controlled closure devices to make the damper close in the event of fire. Normal fusible rods and links, when released, allow instantaneous closure of the damper which can result in damage to the connecting duct work. However, Ruskin's use of controlled closure prevents that damage from occurring.

Ruskin fire safety products feature a variety of controlled closure options, in order to best meet the requirements of your application. For detailed descriptions of the standard controlled closure options consult the Fire/Smoke Damper Operation Options data sheet.

For detailed information on Ruskin release devices, please consult our Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Release Devices engineering report.

In addition, for an in-depth look at how controlled closure eliminates HVAC duct system damage, consult our Controlled Closure Engineering report.  This report is based on actual tests performed in our AMCA registered laboratory.

For more information about Ruskin Fire/Smoke Dampers, contact your local representative, or contact Ruskin directly at (816)761-7476.