Did you know fire and combination fire/smoke dampers could be installed with RUSKIN FAST mounting angle on ONLY one side of the wall?

YES, YOU HEARD IT CORRECTLY!!!  Ruskin - Made it Happen!!

Traditional Ruskin fire and combination fire/smoke dampers may be installed in metal stud, wood stud and concrete wall applications with mounting angles installed on only one side of the wall. 

The benefits of the FAST one-side angle paradigm shift are:

  • UL tested and approved instructions
  • $25-$50 installation savings per damper
  • Great for retrofit applications with limited access
  • Maximum size of 90"w x 49"h or 49"w x 90"h
  • Metal stud, wood stud and concrete wall applications
  • Ability to install prior to gypsum being installed

The new Ruskin FAST angle incorporates a flat angle design so the damper and mounting angle can be installed prior to installing the gypsum wallboard. 

Wow, what labor savings for the installing contractor!!!!

Ruskin, also provides the angle one-side option as an integral part of the damper.  This eliminates wasting valuable resources on field coordination of an angle one-side installation. Those damper models are named (D)IBD10 fire damper and FSDRA combination fire/smoke damper series.

Consult your local representative or Ruskin directly for further information and availability.