Bay Park Waste Water Treatment Plant

Swartwout was chosen as the preferred supplier of fiberglass control dampers and roof-mounted weather hoods to be installed at the BayParkWaste Water Treatment Plant in Long Island, New York

In addition to supplying our customer with high-quality round fiberglass isolation dampers (model 912) with electric actuators, Swartwout was called upon to design and fabricate special round, roof-mounted backdraft dampers with weather hoods…all fabricated of fiberglass!  The architectural/engineering firm, Hazen and Sawyer, specified the use of both positive and negative pressure relief vents above the aeration tanks.  Taking these requirements into consideration, the Swartwout engineering team, in cooperation with Swartwout representative Kane-Davey, worked closely with Hazen and Sawyer to develop these customized relief vents.

The round vents, complete with true round backdraft dampers, are 3 feet tall to allow for snow accumulation on the roof without blocking the special weather hood vents! 

Swartwout displayed once again at the Bay Park WWTP why, when it comes to custom-built fiberglass dampers, we provide solutions…not excuses!