Ruskin has recently released two new full-color brochures highlighting our louver product line and the labor-saving advantages Ruskin louvers provide to installing contractors.

The new Ruskin Louvers, Screens and Grilles brochure, LVB2004, is an excellent introduction to the Ruskin architectural product line.  It includes technical and application information on our most popular louver, equipment screen and grille models.  It also includes full-color “cutaway” photographs to give the Architect and Engineer a great feel for exactly how the product will look and perform when installed in a wall, on the roof or on the perimeter of a building.

Another exciting literature piece is the Ruskin Louver Labor Savers Brochure, LLSB304.  This brochure describes twelve labor saving features offered for Ruskin Louvers; including Glazing Frames, Ruskin Redi-Clips and our Universal Installation Frames.  This is an excellent summary piece of the installation advantages with Ruskin louver products!

If you need any assistance on selecting and specifying the correct Ruskin louvers, dampers or acoustical products, please be sure to contact your local Ruskin Representative.