Question:  How do you get three dampers for the price of one? 

Answer: Use a modulating combination fire/smoke damper from Ruskin. 

1.    First, they are a fire damper that closes automatically upon detection of heat, resists the passage of flame and maintains the integrity of the fire rated separation. 

2.    Second, they are a smoke damper that closes when signaled by a smoke detector and provides low leakage protection for air and smoke. 

3.    Third, they are a volume control damper.  That’s right, a control damper; and a UL approved one at that.  Let’s find out how.

Realizing the need for smoke/isolation protection in return air paths for air systems over 15,000 cfm, the question is how do you regulate the airflow at the same time?  The answer is Ruskin FSD60M and SD60M dampers with modulating actuators.

Tougher Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Testing

These 3-in-1 dampers are approved to a more stringent cycling test per UL555S. The test requires the fire/smoke damper and actuator assembly to operate 100,000 full-stroke operations.  That’s ten cycles a day for 27 years.  For comparison’s sake, the more common two-position fire/smoke dampers are tested to 20,000 cycles. Ruskin’s volume control UL dampers are UL555S Leakage Class 1 rated at 250oF and the FSD60M is also fire resistance rated for 1-1/2 or 3 hours in accordance with UL555.

Increased Applications

The use of volume control fire/smoke dampers has increased dramatically over the last few years as system designers recognize the cost savings and reduced space by combining the fire life safety damper and the control damper into a single unit. In addition, these 3-in-1 dampers are ideal for under-floor ventilation systems due to space limitations. 

Additional Certifications

Do your specifications call for AMCA certification for performance you can count on?  No problem.  Ruskin’s FSD60M, FSD60-3M and SD60M models are AMCA certified for air performance giving you the low pressure drop you need in your system.  The most specified UL damper in the industry also features:

·       FM Approval as a Specification Tested Products.

·       Production in ISO9001/2000 certified facilities.

To learn more about Ruskin’s complete line of dampers, louvers, air measuring and sound control products or to locate a Ruskin representative nearest you, visit our website at or call us at 816-761-7476.