Every Fire and Combination Fire/Smoke Damper must function properly during a fire or life-safety event. To ensure that these dampers perform as tested, regular inspection and maintenance is essential. 

In the October 2008 issue of Fire Safety Digest, Rick Cravy, Product Manager for Ruskin’s Commercial Damper Group, explains the procedures necessary for proper inspection, testing and maintenance of these dampers.  You can read his article by clicking here “Fire Damper Inspection.”

In this article...

  • Learn the difference between inspections at commissioning versus periodic inspections
  • Find a useful maintenance check list for the two types of UL safety dampers - fusible type and actuation type
  • Find a useful test procedure for both types

Fire Dampers and Fire/Smoke Dampers provide protection inside and outside the duct.  Be sure your system has been properly tested and maintained so that if the unexpected happens, your system is prepared.

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