Ruskin MiniVentilator ERV’s are 60%+ effective and perfect for applications requiring 250 to 1000 CFM for ventilation. Ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small retail, the low-profile MiniVentilator is designed for indoor installation and can be floor or ceiling mounted. A removable panel allows easy access to the enthalpy wheel and filters. Factory installed options on MV250X, 450X and 750X include:

  • Frost control
  • Wheel rotation sensor
  • Start, stop, jog function

Using energy recovery wheels in HVAC systems can provide a quick return on your investment.

  • Energy recovery wheels reduce the cooling load on main air handling units delivering greater efficiency and lower costs. To calculate energy and dollar savings for most areas in the United States and Canada get the free software at
  • By preconditioning the outdoor air, the annual mount saved by using energy recovery wheels can really add up.

To learn more about the Ruskin MiniVentilator, please contact your local Ruskin Representative at