Over the past several years, enactment of Clean Air regulations has resulted in an increasing demand for incineration systems. Incineration systems destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are produced during the manufacturing process so that they are removed from the exhausting airflow to the atmosphere. These incineration systems, (for example, thermal oxidizers) must function efficiently in order to meet the guidelines of Clean Air regulations. An integral feature of these incinerators is the diverter dampers that are used to direct the process airflow to and from the incinerators.

This is where Ruskin's new PDR20 Poppet Damper steps in. In order to attain the highest VOC destruction efficiency, certain incinerator systems will have fast-acting diverter dampers incorporated into their design. These dampers must open and close almost instantaneously while providing a tight shutoff.

The Ruskin PDR20:

  • Is ideal for applications that require rapid cycling times & tight shutoff.
  • Can be used for multi-directional airflow control.
  • Is equipped standard with heavy duty pneumatic air cylinders.

The Ruskin PDR20 is available for round, oval, or rectangular flanged inlet/outlet connections. For more information, contact your local representative, or contact us directly.