Making it look good.
Because there are many appearance options for metal building louvers, they can be used to enhance the facade of any structure. Louvers are available with a variety of blade styles and spacing. Standard models can be provided with horizontal or vertical blades in wide or narrow blade spacings that create their own distinctive appearance. Louvers can also be constructed in many geometric shapes, including triangle, trapezoid and round. Many of these types are used to break up the "straightness" of a long rectangular building. Louvers can even be fabricated with stretched components for installation in curved walls. Perhaps the most important aspect of a louver's appearance is the finish. With the variety of design and finish options available, louvers can either blend-in with the surrounding structure or provide a dramatic contrast to the appearance of the building. Kynar-based paints are a very popular and effective finish for wall louvers. The combination of long life and color retention offered by these finishes make them perfect for metal building applications. Colors can be computer matched by the louver manufacturer to provide any desired appearance. Kynar finishes are also available in various mica and metallic flake formulations to provide a metal-like sheen. Another aluminum louver finish option is clear or color anodize. Like the mica and flake formulations, this also provides an overall metallic appearance. With the number of options now available, metal building designers and owners can feel confident these devices will enhance airflow without compromising weather resistance. And, because of design improvements and enhanced styling, louvers can even be used as focal points in the architectural scheme of the building. With careful planning and consideration of form and function, louvers can be selected for seamless integration into most metal building applications.