Ruskin is pleased to introduce our new line of moveable blade warehouse louvers, the ELM6DW and ELM90HFA

These louvers are specifically designed to provide high rates of ventilation air in warehouse applications.

Specifications are as follows:

AMCA Certified LouverELM6DW : Adjustable Warehouse Louver

  • Bears the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal for Both Air Performance and Water Penetration
  • Low Torque operation and architecturally pleasing appearance with low leakage performance.
  • Drain gutter in the head frame and each blade: down spouts in jambs and mullions to drain water from louver for minimum water cascade from blade to blade
  • Jamb seals provide tight blade to frame closure. (Blade seals available as an option)

AMCA Certified LouverELM90HFA: Adjustable Warehouse Louver

  • Adjustable 90° Blade angle and 74% Free Area
  • Bears the AMCA seal for Air Performance
  • Hexagonal shaped axles assure positive blade alignment and low operating torque
  • Concealed blade linkage is protected from weather exposure

The architecturally pleasing Ruskin ELM6DW and ELM90HFA are perfect for warehouse applications that require high rates of ventilation.

Don’t forget this Labor Saver:

Ruskin can provide factory mounted and commissioned actuators saving you money and installation time in the field.