Ruskin Air & Sound Control recently announced they are expanding their air measuring product line to include an AMCA certified air measuring station for measuring ultra low velocities.  The model EAMS(HP) electronic air measuring station, nicknamed the “Scoop”, combines heated mass flow sensor and air scoop technologies to collect and report air measurements within 2% to 3% accuracy.  The transmitter range is from 0 to 2,000 feet per minute and the complete assembly can be calibrated and AMCA certified within a range of 40 to 2,000 feet per minute. 

The EAMS(HP) air measuring unit comes in a 12” deep frame for easy duct mounting and the pressure manifold system and controls are all contained within the envelope of the assembly.  The unit may be installed in climates ranging from 32° to 140° Fahrenheit (ambient).  The assembly may be mounted in any orientation, as it is not position sensitive.  All control wires terminate in a factory-mounted junction box to simplify the mounting process. 

An AMCA certified damper is available to be added to the assembly for airflow control.  The product was developed for stand-alone or add-on applications when accurate control of the airflow is a requirement.

Ruskin manufactures a complete line of AMCA certified Air Measuring Products to meet the ASHRAE 62-2001 standard for indoor air quality. To learn more about Ruskin dampers, louvers and sound control products, visit our website at