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Ruskin leaders are actively involved with industry association

AMCA's Louver Marketing Task Force champions louver certification, advocating to the industry the value of AMCA-certified products in accordance with AMCA codes.

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Press Release: <span style="font-style: italic">Ruskin®</span> life safety dampers available for UL Design I503 horizontal installation

The high-performance DFD-LP is the newest Ruskin dynamic rated fire damper that can be used in design I503

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New Whitepaper from AMCA: Introduction to Intake and Exhaust Louvers

AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) recently released a white paper titled "Introduction to Intake and Exhaust Louvers."  

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Recent Study Challenges Assumptions Over Data Center Cooling

A study from Intel was initiated to challenge assumptions made regarding data center cooling. Ruskin has been out front and anticipating the trends to data center cooling and providing equipment to help solve customer challenges.

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EFAMS: Air Measuring Station Product Update

We are excited to announce the immediate implementation of a product enhancement resulting from customer feedback.  

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New Louver Screen Models EV211 and EV630

Ruskin is pleased to introduce two new louver screens, the EV211 and EV630. These louver screens are specifically designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance on garage and roof applications.

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Ruskin’s Extreme Performance Louvers and Dampers meet or surpass code requirements

Extreme weather conditions call for architects and engineers to design buildings with louvers that protect from wind-driven rain and debris. And dampers build strong with a single frame to eliminate air leakage issues.

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Ruskin XP500 Extreme Weather Louver Installation Video

Watch the installation video of the XP500 stationary extreme weather louver, which is tested to FEMA 361 standard design and ICC500 specification for large missile impact. 

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Data Center Protection

When evaluating potential HVAC equipment it is advisable to use FEMA rated louvers and grilles. FEMA rated grilles and hurricane-resistant louvers have been tested against high windloads and large missile impacts. Outside air control dampers can seal up the center when necessary to reduce humidity and heat.

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Damper and Air Economizer Leakage Requirements in U.S. Energy Codes and Standards Article

In the AMCA inmotion magazine supplement to the Summer ASHRAE Journal the latest damper and air economizer leakage requirements in U.S Energy Codes and Standards are discussed in detail including California title 24.

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